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When it comes to marketing legal services online the competition is fierce and it takes no prisoners.  Your marketing company needs to be on the cutting edge of what is happening in the industry.  The strategies that would get you to the top of the front page of Google in 2012 won’t work today, in fact you’re more likely to be penalized.

Stop working with the same tired old SEO company that takes your money but doesn’t deliver results, because they are using out of date tactics.  We have been blazing a trail in Internet Marketing for Attorneys for more than a decade.  Our team is constantly testing and developing new marketing techniques designed to have clients beating down your door.

We take advantage not only of the latest SEO techniques but we also leverage the power of social media and other platforms to bring your firm in front of potential clients.  While we are constantly evaluating and looking at metrics at the end of the day the only metric we care about is your bottom line.